Spiritual Practices

A spiritual practice or discipline is something that we engage in to make ourselves available to God. God’s grace and love are always constant, and freely given, yet, like any good, healthy relationship, we do have a part in it. A regular prayer practice is something we do to open our heart and mind to God’s presence, love, and wisdom. We can talk with God all day as an on-going prayer, but quiet, undistracted time helps us listen to what God might want to say or bring to us. 

As a spiritual director, Pr. Linda teaches and encourages others to try new spiritual practices to discover which ones help you relax and become centered, and enable you to experience the presence of God most powerfully. You can view these short video links that explore different prayer practices. St. Luke’s also has a labyrinth in the garden on the Belt Line Rd. side of the building between the sanctuary and the preschool.

The Active Prayer
Lectio Divina
Centering Prayer
Welcoming Prayer
Finger Labyrinth
Blessing of the Pets

Spiritual Practices Labyrinth
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