Our Pipe Organ

Our Pipe Organ

Schudi Organ
Opus 19 – 1981

The Schudi Organ built for St. Luke’s Lutheran Church was designed and constructed using historic principles.  Aside from the use of an electric blower and some modern materials and manufacturing processes, this organ is not substantially changed from those of the 17th and 18th century.

All components for this organ except the pipework were made in the workshop of Schudi Organ Company, Inc. in Garland, TX requiring 6,100 man hours of work to construct and install.  The metal flue pipes were made in Holland by Jacques Stinkens and wooden flue pipes are from Erie, Pennsylvania.  The reed pipes are by Carl Giesecke in West Germany.  The wooden Posaune resonators were by Schudi.

If you want more information, please connect with our Director of Music Ministries, Dale Dietert.

St. Luke's Organ
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