Local Partners

Local Partners

Network of Community Ministries:

St. Luke’s is one of the stakeholders in the Network of Community Ministries, which is a group of churches that was formed to support those in need in the Richardson community. They have a food pantry, a clothing closet, job counseling, and provide emergency rent assistance. St. Luke’s donates food every month and members regularly volunteer to support this organization. Learn more here: https://thenetwork.org/.

Richardson Interfaith Alliance:

St. Luke’s is a member of the Richardson Interfaith Alliance, which promotes understanding, respect, interaction, and unity amongst the diverse faiths of Richardson in order to advance the influence of voices of faith for the good of our community. We achieve this through education, fellowship, interfaith worship, and cooperative events. Learn more here.

Faith in Texas:

Faith in Texas is a multiracial, non-partisan faith-based community organization that strives for social justice. St. Luke’s is a part of this organization that seeks to embody the love and justice of God in our community. Most recently, Faith in Texas worked on promoting eviction stays in Dallas and Richardson during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more here: https://faithintx.org/.

Unite the Church Dallas: 

This group works with both churches and school districts to help address the urgent social challenges facing our community so that everyone’s basic needs are met. St. Luke’s participates in many of their community education activities. Learn more here: https://www.unitethechurch.org/.

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