Our Beliefs


As Christians, we believe that God comes to us in three ways, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We celebrate the many ways that we see God in our lives, and we proclaim Jesus as our Savior. Our faith in a loving and grace-filled God is lived out in daily life and we seek to experience God in every breath, in every moment. We do not have an answer for all questions, not even all religious questions. We seek to understand how the Bible can help us interpret our modern lives, and we seek to empower one another with the strength of God’s love. At St. Luke’s, we believe that God loves us through the beauty and gifts of creation, through each other as the body of Christ in the world, and through the Spirit. Crystal waters, nourishing food, relationships, and community are just a few of the ways that we see God’s unending love in our daily lives. 

Baptism Belief
Mary-and-Joseph St. Luke's
God connects us through our community of believers, with an unending grace that touches all parts of our lives. We gather together to be deepened in faith, touched by healing, upheld in prayer, empowered in our gifts, and strengthened by the community that surrounds us. We strive to create an environment that celebrates the life and love of Jesus, and the life everlasting that we find through his death and resurrection, offering us forgiveness of sin and life everlasting with God. We see God’s continued presence with us through the Holy Spirit, and seek comfort, hope and power in his steadfast presence in our lives. We seek to discern and fulfill God’s purpose for us as individuals and the church, and to participate in God’s kingdom of justice and love.
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